The holidays are different in Boston. It is winter. So it’s cold and isolating. But there is joy. The holiday season brings rest and quiet, and peace. Qulities that cities aren’t usually known for. The college students are gone and the work schedules slow down for a few days. The time allows us to sit back and be thankful that we live in such a beautiful historic city that celebrates so many different traditions and cultures. 

My family celebrates Christmas, but not everyone does. In fact most of our neighborhood is Jewish and we love that. We are one of a few houses around us that put lights on our house and a big tree in our window. We don’t do this because we want to show everyone that we celebrate Christmas but because it is tradition for us. Our friends are kind to us and are not offended by our celebration and I hope they would say the same about how we treat their traditions. 

Happy holidays to you and your people. Enjoy some photos from our holiday and feel free to uses them in any of your projects!