The Pemi-Loop swoop and pull.

The Pemi Loop is a loop hike in New Hampshire that covers 20+ miles. I did this hike at a slow relaxing pace in two different outings. On the first outing I stayed one night at Garfield Ridge Campsite and one night at the Guyot Shelter. I was joined by my friends Ying and Tiago. The second outing I stayed one night at the Liberty Springs tent site. I was accompanied by my friend Jenny and Sue. 

  • Mt. Flume: 4,328 feet
  • Mt. Liberty: 4,459 feet
  • Mt. Lincoln: 5,089 feet
  • Mt. Lafayette: 5,260 feet
  • Mt. Garfield: 4,500 feet
  • South Twin: 4,902 feet
  • Mt. Bond: 4,698 feet
  • Bondcliff: 4,265 feet

The loop features between 10,000 and 12,000 feet of elevation gain and the most spectacular views.