A gallery for the church 

Teaching Series Artwork for Churches 

What came first, the series or the artwork?  For churches, Sundays come and go fast. It is hart to develop every detail of your Sunday gathering with care and attention to detail. Sometimes your series art comes together through a commissioned artist and sometimes your artwork comes together through a quick google search. That’s probably how you found me 🙂 

Over the years of working with churches I have created graphics for a number of teaching series.  I know how hard it is hard to find an image that represents the content that you are so excited to present to your community. Because of that, I decided to put together a free gallery of some of my series artwork designs.

Enjoy this gallery as a free resource to you and your church team. You are welcome to use these images in whatever way you need. Reach out to me if you need the original artwork files for your next project.